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Somatic Psychotherapy

Body-Mind Integration

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Somatic Psychotherapy

Individual therapy sessions for support with anxiety, depression, relationships, self-doubt and life transition.

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Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle bodywork with origins in osteopathic medicine, craniosacral therapy works with various layers and systems of the physical and energetic body. Particular attention is given to regulating the nervous system, through which profound healing processes emerge physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Life Coaching

Be the change. With a holistic body-mind life coach you have the opportunity to uncover underlying beliefs and re-write the story about your life as you take steps to make your dreams your reality.

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Somatic Psychotherapy Can Help With...




Difficulty making decisions


Low self worth


Physical health problems


Relationship challenges

Self doubt


Would you like to:

Be more comfortable inside your own skin?

Get better at listening to yourself and treating yourself well?

Become a better version of yourself?

Develop your capacity to listen and respond to what you sense, feel, and need with Somatic Psychotherapy. Gaining control over your emotions requires presence of mind. Becoming mindful requires practice. Paying attention to how you are feeling rather than overriding what your body is telling you takes some practice, but is well worth it. In time and with the right support it leads to a deeper connection with yourself and naturally you will come into alignment with what matters most in your life. It is really quite miraculous!

Somatic Psychotherapy sessions are often a lot like talk therapy, with the profound awareness of how your body is involved in whatever is going on in your body and mind. Your body-mind perception and awareness opens you to a new level of connection with yourself, which brings about deep healing and integration.

You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. Tell me about your despair, yours, and I will tell you mine. Meanwhile the world goes on.  Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain are moving across the landscapes, over the prairies and the deep trees, the mountains and the rivers.  Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air, are heading home again. Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting - over and over announcing your place in the family of things.

-Mary Oliver


About Neisha

It is an honor to be here sharing with you what has been shared with me. I am here because I am passionate about feeling better, and about getting and giving the support that we all need so much in our lives. The more I integrate the teachings that have been shared with me, the closer to myself I become, and with it comes peace, confidence, and new hope. I want the same for you.
In my undergraduate education at Naropa University I majored in dance/ movement therapy. For my master's degree, also from Naropa, I studied somatic psychology with a focus on dance/movement therapy. My work has been further influenced by biodynamic craniosacral therapy, polarity therapy somatic experiencing, and Stephen Porges's polyvagal theory, as well as attachment and pre and perinatal theory. I am the sole practitioner at Moving Truth, and offer sessions in somatic psychotherapy, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, life coaching, and polarity therapy.
I look forward to connecting soon.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“Neisha’s ability to hone in and reflect the truth is powerful. she is one of the most present people i know and holds a gentle loving space for one to discover deep truth within.”

- M.V.

“Neisha has greatly helped me with my anxiety in ways that other therapists have not been able to. I leave feeling better about myself and life, and more hopeful that I am able to move past some deep-rooted PTSD.”

– A.S.

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